Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indian Politics new era begins.

If there is only one Shop in a market then its up to him what quality of product he is selling to his customer.

If two will be there then the customers will be divided still if the number of customers are sufficient to feed these two then now again the quality depends on their intention only.

But if there are 10 shops in market then they will definitely be bound to maintain quality to keep their customers continue to come to their shop.Because the competency increased so maintaining quality is the only option to keep the customers maintained.

So in Indian political market more shops needed.

Each time we opt for BJP alternative to congress and again next time congress alternative to BJP. So they are sure to get chance next time if not this time and the bad people among them will be waiting for their turn to make it dirty.

So we should give chance to new parties to enter into our politics to make it more competitive and bound them to maintain quality. Also there is chances for these parties to become corrupt to strong policies needs to be maintained from beginning itself.

So who is this time... ? :)

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